Vegan Food with a Mission

Owner/Chef Jorge Pineda and Executive Chef Angel Ramos, the culinary team behind NYC’s revered Candle Cafe and Candle 79, have assembled a team of spiritually like-minded, health-conscious and decidedly plant-based culinary aficionados, and are overjoyed to welcome you to Candle.

For nearly 30 years the Candle group of restaurants stood as a pillar of wholesome, healthy and cruelty-free meals that New York City foodies made their second home, and worldwide traveler's their home away from home. With food honed by the Candle Chefs for decades, Candle's history reflected the pinnacle of gourmet vegan cuisine long before the current de-evolution of packaged plant-based meats or substitutes.

And so with a new flame, Candle is back!! - with a familiar, comforting and laid-back vibe set in a fresh, beautifully uplifted and plant-ified modern space - it's a true Candle for the People.Here, Chefs Pineda and Ramos blend, pour, mix and sprinkle love and gratitude into every morsel of their classic and newly created recipes. Dishes are created with only the finest organic or locally-farmed whole foods where vegetables, beans, grains and healthy primary proteins like tofu and seitan take center-stage.

Always wholesome, always real, and always amazingly delicious.We are so happy to be back!Come visit us soon, and Dive Into Mindful Eating.